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Recruitment Methodology

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Sourcing / Manpower Pooling
Hopewell maintains pool of ready-to-leave workers a called from private and employment offices located in regions of the Philippines. If required, workers not available in our existing pool, Hopewell shall make all arrangement for the immediate sourcing/identification of the needed workers.

Our workers, who are highly recommended for possible overseas employment are carefully screened and rigidly tested. An overall assessment of their suitability for the job is done through in-depth interviews geared towards gaining a deeper insight to the applicants' qualification and competence.

Final Selection
We provide our clients' representative with all the facilities and assistance in making their final selection fast and efficient. If so desired, Hopewell can also do the final selection of their needed workers for and in behalf of out Employers/Foreign Principals with full guarantee on the workers competence and capabilities.

Training & Trade Examination
Upon the employer's request, Hopewell may arrange skill testing with our affiliated company, Manila Phil Skills Institute (MSI). MSI is an accredited training and skills testing center to provide us an effective means of determining our worker's actual skills and strength as required by our Employers/Foreign Principals.

Medical Examination
All selected workers are required to undergo and pass the standard medical examination. The said examination can be conducted in cooperation with other affiliated companies, First Multi Healthcare Services & Philippine Overseas Workers Medical And Diagnostic Center, Inc. together with selected hospitals and other medical clinics.

Hopewell is staffed with competent personnel needed to process the required documents of selected workers. Our Documentation Specialist personally monitor and ensure the prompt processing for passports, employment contracts, travel and exit pass, tax exemptions, visas and other related clearances and documentations.

Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS)
To further ensure satisfactory handling of workers for deployment, Hopewell conducts intensive orientation session to better prepare workers for the psychological demands of the job. These sessions include among others, the information about the country of destination, Principal's company policy, employment terms and conditions, principal's expectation on selected workers and other pertinent information that will guide the worker.

Ticketing & Send-Off Servicers

  • Our Experienced and Efficient Documentation Officers can very well handle the booking, flight confirmation and final ticketing. We also provide airport assistance to all workers for the port of embarkation.
  • As a procedure, we send with the departing workers all documentations and credentials as maybe required by the Employers/Foreign Principals on the jobsite.

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